Course curriculum

    1. 101.1

    2. 101.1 Quiz

    3. Links and Building Downloads

    4. Terms and Definitions

    5. Terms and Definitions Quiz

    6. Motors and Degrees

    7. Motors and Degrees Quiz

    8. Conditional Statements

    9. Conditional Statements Quiz

    10. Obstacle Avoidance with Variables

    11. Obstacle Avoidance with Variables Quiz

    12. Obstacle Attract

    13. Obstacle Attract Quiz

    14. SUMO

    15. SUMO Quiz

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Meet Your Instructor

David West

David has taught hundreds of students throughout the years English, music, chess, robotics, theater, writing composition, mathematics and logic, and outdoor sports activities within the public school system, private school environments, as well as the after school setting. He has taught children from low-income areas as well as families from Apple, Google, Stanford University, Cisco, and more, and hosted corporate education events with Walmart, Google, and the Evergreen School District. Through his love for teaching children, he hopes to bring new inspirations, new venues, and new subject matter to kids in the field of education. David serves as a teacher, curriculum writer, and educator for children.

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